Target is to create 4 crore jobs by wooing Rs 25 lakh-crore investments: Nitin Gadkari

Nitin Gadkari stumped his own officials when he unilaterally doubled the daily road construction target to 40 km. He agrees that the target is ambitious but says it is necessary to bring out the best out of his team. Gadkari, who took charge of the road transport, highways and shipping ministries in the Narendra Modi cabinet two years ago, is arguably the best performing minister of the government. Under his watch, the highways sector seems to be coming out of crisis and there is frantic activity in the ports, shipping and waterways sectors. As the government gets ready to celebrate its second anniversary, Gadkari laid out his agenda for the next three years in an interaction with et. Edited excerpts:

How do you rate the performance of your government?
100% achievement is a flawed concept. That doesn’t happen even if we strive for that. Things take time to turn around. What Congress did not do in 50 years, we will do in five years. We are working on keeping the poor at the centre of our policies. See, how things have changed — people now have bank accounts with insurance cover, the irrigation budget has gone up, we are reducing the cost of urea, all our shipping corporations are in profit. We have posted a profit of Rs 6,000 crore. We have awarded works worth Rs 2.5 lakh crore. For this year, my target is Rs 5 lakh crore. We are building 12 smart cities on our port lands. All this is happening because the level of efficiency and transparency has increased under the Modi government.



Finance ministry and Fadnavis govt working on minimum land rule to set up international finance centre in Mumbai’s BKC

The commerce ministry is examining a proposal to declare an international finance centre (IFC) in Mumbai’s Bandra Kurla Centre (BKC), BJP MP and member of Maharashtra task force Poonam Mahajan said. A decision will be taken in six to eight months and India could well end up with two IFCs in neighbouring states as Maharashtra government is very keen on the proposal.

The finance ministry and the state government are working to accommodate the proposal within the rules governing financial special economic zones (SEZs).

These rules stipulate a minimum land requirement of 50 hectares. BKC’s IFC now only has 35 hectares and government officials are trying to work some kind of an arrangement to make BKC compatible with financial SEZ rules.


Source: ET

This Is Where All Of The Cool Girls Shop For Beauty

Summer is right around the corner, which means it’s time to prepare for an onslaught of lighter, brighter, juicier, punchier beauty products. We’re anticipating their arrival with the same enthusiasm that we used to reserve for the ice cream truck. Only, what’s way better than a Fat Frog? All the beauty offerings coming from across the pond

British e-tailer SpaceNK has curated the ultimate summer stash. Ahead, we bring you some of coolest items coming to the company’s shop in May. After you’ve finished exploring the many products in our slideshow, hop on over to the SpaceNK site and get lost in all their other offerings. Because summer is nothing, if not indulgent.

Cairngorms beauty shown in drone footage

Aerial footage shows life in the Cairngorms National Park.
Kirk Watson used a drone to film the scenes in autumn and winter.
The climber and documentary film-maker followed hillwalkers trekking on the park’s peaks, an ice skater on a frozen loch and a fly fisher on the River Spey.
Mr Watson worked on BBC television series The Mountain and has previously filmed in the Antarctic and on a Help for Heroes challenge.
Footage: Perfect View Productions. Bridal makeup in lucknow

All the Haute Hair and Makeup Looks From the 2016 Met Gala

The Costume Institute Gala at New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art hosts our favorite red carpet every year. Everyone from supermodels and movie stars to fashion icons and musicians turn out to rock revolutionary hair and makeup looks. This year’s theme places a strong emphasis on technology, and the stars are embracing the edgy inspiration with dark, brooding lip colors and sculpted hairstyles. Read on to see some of the best creations. Bridal makeup in lucknow

MS Dhoni And His ‘Manly Beauty Parlour’

MS Dhoni is well known for his ever changing hairstyle. He is a style icon in India and his biography reveals the hairy tales from his initial years.

Known more for his changing hairstyles than his on-field endeavours in the initial part of his cricket career, Mahendra Singh Dhoni was always careful of his mane and he frequented a small salon in Ranchi called the ‘Manly Beauty Parlour’.

In his latest biography penned by veteran journalist Biswadeep Ghosh titled “MSD, The Man, The Leader”, the author narrates the hairy tale of the simple Ranchi boy, who became the most sought after cricketer of the country and shifted to expensive parlour’s from small hair-cutting salons. ()

Dhoni, who later became client of a well-known Beauty Clinic – Kaya, was a regular visitor to the ‘Manly Beauty Parlour’ and the book quotes an employee of the shop while authenticating it’s claim.

‘Woh toh ab bade aadmi ho gaye hain (He has become famous now),” Guddu, a hair-cutter of the salon is quoted by ‘The Telegraph’, which is carried in the book. In an interesting incident, Dhoni had to hide inside the Kaya beauty clinic in Ranchi when he went to get his hair cut in the afternoon and the word spread around that the Indian captain was in the shop.


 book says that the shutters had to be closed and crowd of thousands had to be managed by the local police to take Dhoni out of the beauty clinic in the evening. Many such unknown facts, incidents and anecdotes are mentioned in the 245-page biography of the humble Ranchi boy who went on to the conquer the cricket world and become the highest endorsed sportsperson in India after Sachin Tendulkar.

Gwyneth Paltrow Gets Stung by Bees and 8 Other Wild Beauty Tips to Help You Look Like Her

On account of her quite discussed GOOP site, we are very much aware that Gwyneth Paltrow isn’t reluctant to attempt some insane (and insane costly) things when is goes to her appearance and wellbeing.

Presently, the 43-year-old performing artist sat down with about all the New York Times and dished on every one of the items, administrations and regimens she takes after to stay looking youthful and feeling solid—yes, notwithstanding permitting herself to get stung by honey bees everywhere on her body.

So right off the bat, here are 8 insane things Gwynnie swears by (you know, in case you’re attempting to look as incredible as she generally does):

Photographs: Gwyneth Paltrow’s Most Outrageous Quotes

1. Use Oil For Everything: From removing her cosmetics to keeping a new, dewy face, the on-screen character swears by utilizing oil everywhere on her body. “When all is said in done, I adore serums and face oils and body oils. I’m a genuine oil sort of young lady,” she clarified. “There’s a myth that oil is bad for your skin. I don’t have confidence in that by any means.”

2. Just Cover Up With Mineral Sunscreen: “I just utilize mineral sunscreens, never the chemicals one,” she uncovered. “I don’t comprehend why anybody would put on cancer-causing agents.”

Who knew SPF could be so terrible?

3. Scarcely Wear Makeup: Paltrow concedes her 11-year-old girl, Apple, is path more into cosmetics than she is, stating, “I regularly go out with just mascara and a little cheek. I don’t utilize bronzer. You require procedure to utilize bronzer, highlighter and BB cream, every one of these things my girl lets me know about.” Basically, the blonde excellence says that living in Los Angeles and being outside all the time keeps her from pressing on cosmetics.

4. In the event that You Have to Wear Makeup, Don’t You Dare Use Anything Toxic: Paltrow sticks to non-dangerous items from Juice Beauty (who she is likewise working together with all alone cosmetics line) and a couple of other environment-accommodating lines. “It’s less and less elusive nontoxic stuff,” she clarifies. “It’s sort of stunning the amount of choice is accessible.”

5. Rock Your Natural Scent: Paltrow has quit wearing any aromas since she clarifies, “it’s unregulated what not.”

6. Use Japanese Shampoos: The performing artist concedes that discovering non-dangerous hair items can be truly hard. She adheres to Japanese shampoos for her “dry, harmed, blanched hair.”

7. Trust Tracey Anderson: GP says she takes after Tracey Anderson’s guidance for her activity schedule. She likewise takes care of business” in the confining ring ever once a while.

8. Hail to the Hippie Services: Paltrow says she’s a major devotee of every single common administration that give her a little help. From needle therapy to sound showers to getting stung by honey bees, she’s a “major guinea pig” to take a stab at anything.

The DIY excellence tips aggravating your skin: Expert uncovers which mainstream hacks incorporating setting make-up with hairspray accomplish more mischief than great

In the age of the web there is an abundance of magnificence counsel accessible to us, from DIY make-up instructional exercises to pro skincare online journals.

However, with such a great amount of data to pick through, it can be hard to partitioned certainty from fiction and disentangle what truly works – and what doesn’t.

Moreover, everybody’s skin has its own particular novel needs and as an aftereffect of this blended exhortation, right around a quarter of us (23 for each penny) have endured an awful response in the wake of taking after foolish skincare tips.

Presently specialists have gathered together a portion of the most noticeably awful skincare guidance ever given, uncovering that ladies have had a go at everything from rubbing toothpaste on spots to soaking their face with hairspray to keep their make-up set up.

Some were even encouraged to utilize cleaning up fluid to battle oily skin, as per Canterbury Skin and Laser Clinic who led the overview.

Be that as it may, can any of these strange magnificence hacks truly work? FEMAIL asked skincare master Sharon Hilditch MBE to clarify.

1 ‘It’s characteristic, which means it’s beneficial for you’

‘Sadly, looking for naturals doesn’t promise you won’t discover any nasties in your items,’ Sharon says. ‘Starting today despite everything we haven’t characterized the expression “regular”, which implies you can in any case have an additive fixing termed as common.

‘The other point to recollect is that when skincare items are defined, they are done so considering wellbeing and skin resistance – thus the need to utilize some kind of additive framework to stop the item going mildew covered’

Sharon includes: ‘Regardless of the possibility that the item was, is totally “normal” then it might be well past its offer by-ate as it can be termed in the same alliance as new nourishment. Would you need to apply something that went off weeks prior to your skin?’

2 ‘Set your make up with hairspray’

As per Sharon, this age-old hack could bring about genuine harm to your appearance. ‘It’s ideal for setting your hair yet I would be watchful about splashing onto your skin,’ she says. ‘Hairspray has a high liquor substance and bunches of chemicals that I truly wouldn’t need sitting on my skin.’

Prepared for exposed legs? Here are some magnificence tips that may offer assistance

The primary day of April imprints not just the day no organization notices are protected to accept, additionally the day 32 for each penny of ladies uncovered their legs surprisingly this year.

A study dispatched by St. Tropez additionally found that a quarter of us discovered it socially inadmissible (or maybe slightly chilly?) to go uncovered legged a month ago, yet come April it’s an alternate story.

Blake Lively

Blake Lively with her legs out CREDIT: REX

The main issue is that even the most committed magnificence addict gets apathetic, leg-wise, in the colder months. There is, all things considered, little sense spending pounds and minutes shaving or waxing, peeling, saturating, fake tanning and shin-highlighting (it’s a thing) when you can simply wear your calfskin watch Topshop pants out. Once more.

Be that as it may, with spring now formally upon us (note to all individuals: we’re still months from flip-flop climate, put them down now), it might be a great opportunity to begin paying your more drawn out appendages somewhat more consideration.

View: Telegraph Beauty’s manual for exposing your legs this spring.

1. Receive your hair evacuation choice of decision

Give us a chance to stretch that we could never stubble-disgrace and this is clearly discretionary (similar to these strides, however in the event that you have this far, we’ll expect you’re up for some leg prep). In the event that you do lean toward a smooth leg with your espadrilles, Gillette’s new Venus Swirl Flexiball razor (£5.99) has been outlined with the precarious forms of legs and lower legs at the top of the priority list – so no more lower leg scabs (too bad). We’re as of now utilizing our own as a part of conjunction with Braun’s Silk Expert IPL with facial purging brush, which costs an astounding £300 yet is a possibility for more perpetual hair evacuation and can be utilized on legs, the swimming outfit territory, under arms and face (starting from the nose). It additionally guarantees to keep going for up to 14 years.

Braun’s Silk Epil IPL and Venus Swirl razor

2. Shed dead skin

Applying anything to flaky legs will bring about sketchiness. Ren Guerande Salt Exfoliating Body Balm (£22) is rubbed onto get skin before being showered dry. The outcomes are truly quick, and one tub endures all year.

Ren Guerande Salt Exfoliating Body Balm

3. Keep shins delicate

Adore or despise body saturating (I’m the last mentioned), needs should. Thankfully the business sector is so totally immersed with alternatives at all value focuses, that at any rate you can have a ton of fun picking your favored cream (particularly since skin sort matters far not exactly with face creams, so you truly can go based off non-abrasiveness of skin and superbness of smell). Our top choices are the super-shoddy yet ever solid Dove Essential Nourishment Body Lotion (£2.24), the keeps going forever Clarins Moisture-Rich Body Lotion (£30) and AERIN’s Rose de Grasse body cream. It’s bruisingly expensive (£64) however notices so great and feeds dry shins so well we can excuse that. Possibly go off expense per wear…

Best body lotions

Dove Essential Moisture; Clarins Moisture Rich; AERIN Rose de Grasse

4. Turned into a bronzed goddess

Another discretionary step (hello, I’m a delight associate and I have never worn fake tan since I’m terrified of it). St. Tropez’s overview (obviously) found that 59 for each penny of ladies feel more sure about uncovering their legs once they’ve utilized self tan. Their Gradual Tan Tinted Body Lotion guarantees a moment buildable tint. Another item energizing us this year (even old Morticia Addams here) is Benefit’s new Hoola Zero Tanlines Body Bronzer (£19.50). Instead of leaving on an alarming covering which keeps focused days, Zero Tanlines offers 12 hour blendable scope. Maybe it’s an ideal opportunity to attach the tanning learner plates.

Best body bronzers

St Tropez Gradual Tan Tinted; Hoola Zero Tanlines

Magnificence School: How To Wear Blue Makeup

makeup shoot in the May Issue is focused on the colour of the season, Blue. Think you can’t or won’t want to go there? We’re here to first show you how much you’ll want to (check out For You, Blue, on page 233), then show you exactly how to wear it, here, with the help of our shoot make up artist, Andrew Gallimore.

Andrew is a makeup artist trail-blazer, and someone we work with at ELLE as much as his schedule will allow. Here, he shows Beauty Director Sophie exactly how he created two blue beauty looks from the shoot. Watch, learn, repeat.