Fake currency racket busted, 3 held with counterfeit Rs 2000 notes

NEW DELHI: Three individuals have been caught for as far as anyone knows running a fake money racket and Rs 18 lakh as fake Rs 2000 notes was recovered from their possession.

Pointed the finger at Azad Singh (36), Manoj (37) and Sunil (27) were caught by a gathering of Special Cell at around 11.25 PM from Singhola town in Narela close NH-1, said DCP Sanjeev Kumar Yadav.

The trio have been found required in analyzing, printing and coursing fake new money, police said on Saturday.

Azad, the manager of the racket used to get the cash notes analyzed and printed, while Manoj and Sunil used to stream them to customers, said the officer.

“Manoj is known to a Delhi-based hawala trader. Azad and Manoj have contact with various ‘bookies’. Titanic cash trades are being done in both these unlawful trades and a sizeable measure of fake cash notes can without a doubt be adjusted in colossal cash trades,” Yadav said.

Manoj and Azad were in contact with them and used to charge Rs 40,000 in authentic money for giving a lakh in fake cash, he said.

In the wake of demonetisation, the decried acknowledged it as an open way to trap people by endeavoring to stream fake high-regard new cash notes, abusing the fresh general populace, said Yadav.

The Special Cell is endeavoring to get information about people required in such rackets and concentrated observation has been mounted on the start of leads acquired by riddle sources, he said.

Source:- Timesofindia


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