Another member of gang that duped builder of Rs 3 crore held

MUMBAI: Santacruz police on Sunday caught another person from the gathering which deceived a maker to the tune of Rs 3 crore under the friendship of exchanging old class notes with new ones.

Police recovered Rs 68 lakh from the reproved, Manju Nath. With this, the total recovery touched Rs 2.35 crore. Like the other pointed the finger at, Nath, a tenant of Dombivli, is in the giving nourishment business. Police are paying uncommon personality to Amin, who too is in a comparative business. Police said unless Amin is caught, the right some portion of partner police supervisor Sanjay Mali won’t be developed.

“Nath and Amin acted like dealers, while other three were focus men, who fled with Rs 3 crore having a place with the engineer, Sanjay Naik,” said an officer.

Mali was suspended on Friday after Naik pointed the finger at him for supporting and abetting the wrongdoing. Police judge Datta Padsalgikar asked for a departmental demand. Regardless of the way that Mali’s part has not been developed, by all appearances Mali fail to reveal why he went to Hasnabad Lane, where the faulted delivered the plot to trick Naik.

Naik on Thursday recorded a protesting that he was deceived by Mahesh Sawant and his accomplices. Naik attested that he met Sawant through a run of the mill sidekick, who said he knew lenders who may exchange his old notes on commission commence.

Source:- Timesofindia


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