SM Krishna Quits Congress, Says Party ‘Doesn’t Need Me’

BENGALURU:Previous Karnataka Chief Minister SM Krishna, who has halted the Congress, today dismisses theories about changing camps and a possible meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The pioneer, who had been one of the towering figures of the Congress for just about 50 years, had ceased the past night, miffed that he was being sidelined in the social event. The senior pioneers of the state Congress – including Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and state party supervisor G Parameshwara – had said they were ignorant of Mr Krishna’s decision.

“I felt for a long time that Congress needn’t trouble with me, the social event now depends on upon situation chiefs. They needn’t bother with time-attempted pioneers and workers,” said Mr Krishna, who had filled in as a central minister under past Prime Ministers Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi and had been the External Illicit connections Minister in the Manmohan Singh government since 2009.

“I have won races and have been squashed. As demonstrated by me, age is a point of view, age shouldn’t be a criteria, there are people who are energetic yet not changing,” said Mr Krishna, who had halted as the Governor of Maharashtra in 2008.

Hoping to return to dynamic administrative issues, he had gone to the state broadly to campaign before the 2013 get-together races in the state, which the Congress won . “Nobody questioned my age then. Heartbreakingly it is someone else who picks, not me,” he said.

Mr Krishna said many have asked for that he reexamine, “In any case I hold fast to my decision of ceasing Congress.”

While the accompanying step is not picked, he said it was a period for “astuteness” for him – a system that will incorporate family and colleagues. “I have no game plans to meet the PM. All are theories… I am not in a position to light up what my future course of action is,” Mr Krishna said.

Nevertheless, he made it clear that he was not having any desire to leave. “Retirement is not a word in my dictionary… I had said couple of years back that ‘an administration official never leaves he obscures away’.

Source:- NDTV


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