Entrepreneurs On How They Handle Stress To Stay Focused On Success

In this second column of a series, five more entrepreneurs chime in on how they manage the daily stress and what they think is the biggest misconception about entrepreneurship.

Ah, that emotional roller-coaster that is entrepreneurship–when you ask the question on “how do you manage it”- even the busiest entrepreneur has an answer. As I noted in a prior post, I decided to reach out to a variety of entrepreneurs (tech, established, funded, bootstrapped, local and global) how they deal with a particularly stressful days (which can be endless). Stress comes in an endless stream of forms–whether it is the stress which can arise from the drama of scaling a business or expanding into a new market or the stress which arises from juggling family commitments with the needs of a growing venture (and investor expectations).

My five questions must have hit a nerve, as Deborah Jackson, founder of PlumAlley.co (and my former business partner in a prior startup venture) fired back her responses in record time:

Talk to husband, daughters or friends.Don’t quitThey succeed.Just get out there and learn and iterate. There is no straight line to success.Talk to someone who has started a company. Talk to a founder that did not succeed. If you do not have sufficient passion, conviction or an idea for something we actually need in the world, don’t be the founder. Join a startup in another position instead to learn some skills and insights. Don’t do something trivial. It is the same work to do something that matters.

Below you’ll discover the answers from four more entrepreneurs on how they deal with stress, to their secrets to pushing forward to startup success and oh, those massive misconceptions of entrepreneurship. Read more: click image or title.



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