5 Beauty Tips We Learned From the Real Housewives

What better approach to commend this evening’s The Real Housewives of New York City season 8 debut than by pondering the past? All the more particularly, the charm and abundance that is the Real Housewives establishment. What’s more, who better to help us on this voyage through a world of fond memories than Real Housewife master and the amusing blogger/podcast host behind The Bitch Bible, Jackie Schimmel. Jackie, we’ll let you take it from here.

When you think about the pioneer ladies of magnificence patterns, desire commendable weaves, and day drinking in false lashes, it’s hard not to quickly think about the Real Housewives. As an enthusiastic and proud fan of the establishment, I have taken in numerous a lesson from these dynamic ladies.

Wigs R Us. An incredible aspect concerning being a lady is the chance to try different things with our look. Kim Zolciak taught us that wigs are for everybody and one serious part less demanding than working hard on a blow-dry.

Artificial lashes are a young lady’s closest companion. Evidently being a Real Housewife requires wearing mink lashes to the exercise center. What sort of lash glue would they say they are utilizing, craftsman’s paste? The women cherish their lashes and are once in a while seen on camera without them.

Shaping is the new rhinoplasty. Certain housewives may demand that their slenderized nose is not the aftereffect of going under the blade yet rather of expertly connected shading. Despite the fact that I won’t not trust them, subsequent to seeing cosmetics change recordings on YouTube, I accept legitimate molding and highlighting can genuinely give you a post-surgery nose sans the strategy bills and quiet cash to your specialist.

A chilly lipstick can get you terminated. Peggy Tanous, Alexis Bellino, and Adrienne Maloof were all pioneer ladies of the daytime cold lip. In this manner, they were all let go as Housewives. Some would say their end was because of evaluations; I accuse the opalescent sheen of their lip shading. Unless you are taking on the appearance of Romy or Michelle, simply skirt the ice.


Toning it down would be best. Ugh. I know. So exhausting and wholesome #kimfields. After all the shading, sticking, and gleaming, once in a while the best thing about being a genuine Real Housewife is the advantage of living au naturel. Like Caroline Manzo once said, “You can put lipstick on a pig, however it’s still a pig.” And ideally that lipstick is not iced.


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