Now, Kannur central prison inmates to open a beauty salon

After writing the entrepreneurial success story by making its own brand of chappathi, laddu and other food articles under the banner of Taste Factory that generate huge revenue for the government, the Kannur Central Prison is embarking on an ambitious mission by opening a gents’ beauty salon for public on the jail premises, which would be managed by the prisoners.

The project was formally announced on Friday by Jail DGP Rishi Raj Singh and it would be launched in the next couple of weeks.

“This is probably for the first time in India that a jail is embarking on such a project and our aim is not just to generate revenue but also provide the prisoners with hands-on experience in some occupation that helps them get a job once released from prison,” said jail superintendent Ashokan Arippa.

In the past also the jail has provided training to the prisoners in many occupations including coconut tree climbing and plumbing and many prisoners who were released are now happily engaged in their profession in a free world, he said. Also this gives them a relaxed mind set while serving the jail term.

Moreover, the trained people get the certificate issued by the Rural Development and Self-Employment Training Institute (RUDSETI) at Kanhirangad near Thaliparamba in the district, which has provided training to the prisoners in various courses. For the beautician course, 30 prisoners have been provided training now and they would be handling the beauty parlour for gents, which would be open to public.

“This would be a state-of-the-art beauty parlour for men and we are confident that it would write a new chapter in the successful initiatives launched by the jail for the prisoners,” said the jail superintendent.


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